A Lebanese, North African and Middle Eastern restaurant on Brighton’s busy Western Road, A Taste of Sahara gives seaside dwellers a taste of the exotic at a very reasonable price.

With its delicate Arabian food and décor created with care to reflect the typical Mediterranean story books and holiday brochures all pierced Moroccan tin lanterns, heavy wood and rich colours.

Sahara Restaurant has a look which reflects the diverse flavors of its immensely flavorful menu (North African, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, and Vegetarian menu).

From Halal Kebabs to Tagines and Couscous, Sheesha Patio and Mint Tea; one’s Middle Eastern and Iranian favorites are offered by the restaurant’s kitchen, along with some lesser known dishes that will tempt the more adventurous diners.

In particular, the restaurant’s mezzes prove popular, the sharing concept somehow suited to this kind of cuisine, particularly when accompanied by the BYOB policy.