JB’s Diner is situated in a prime location of Brighton overlooking the Brighton Pier and the seafront. It’s a quirky and cool nod to the classic American Diner, from the 50’s rock n’ roll to the dining booths and the stars n’ stripes flying proud as you eat your way through the delicious USA themed menu.

Here you can enjoy Brighton’s best shakes, burgers and steaks while listening to your favourite 1950’s rock n roll tunes in a friendly and chilled environment. No need to rush, just relax and let your kids to enjoy countless Tom & Jerry cartoons. JB’s is decorated with posters, photos and memorabilia from the 1950’s. You can stare into Elvis eyes or gaze at the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. There is something for everyone.

The difference this place does have from a Texan roadhouse is the effort that’s gone into making every meal as healthy as possible, this is no Deep South greasy spoon. The burgers are generous, fresh and tasty, available in many different varieties, the Texan BBQ and ‘Across The Border’ Mexican being firm favourites. Other top sellers include the foot-long hotdogs and rack of ribs.

Our chicken burgers are made from real chickens and are grilled to perfection. A succulent chicken breast in-between a fresh burger bun, you can’t get better than that.

Our ribs are marinated in a BBQ basting and slowly cooked until it falls off the bone. Our foot long hotdogs are no exaggeration…try them with our various toppings…bacon, cheese, onions and so much more.

JB’s diner is also known for its Knickerbockers glories, famous authentic American desserts smothered in ice cream, whipped and with a cherry on the top.

JB’s diner is the only place where you can enjoy authentic and delicious fizzy floats. A fizzy drink such as coke, dr. pepper, Mountain Dew, A&W cream soda or A&W root beer poured over an ice cream of your choice sipped through a giant straw…